May 19, 2004


Welcome to Memeblog. This blog has one very simple purpose: act as a central focal point for all the various memes floating around the blogosphere.

Every day there is another quiz, another carnival, another idea that you see at someone's site and decide to replicate yourself. Being polite you link back to where you first found it. But there are far too many to keep track. The idea for Memeblog was born.

Each day or two we are going to compile a list with links to whatever is doing in the world of memes. You can use this to find some material to blog about, or as a diversion, or to find that carnival. All we ask in return is you link back to us as a way of letting people know we exist. The more people use this the better it will get.

Before we go on we should say what a meme is. You can Google a definition yourself and we've attached that in the sidebar. As for what counts, that's an open question. We just know we know it when we see it.

If you are interested in helping in this endeavor, drop us an email.

Who are "we"? The contributors list in the sidebar gives you the names and blogs of people working on this site.

Finally an incredibly big thank you to Hosting God and All Round Good Guy Pixy Misa.

Posted by Simon at May 19, 2004 04:50 AM
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